Prof. Vinod Yadav


Coordinator, NSS (Program Officer)

Prof. Vinod Yadav has around seven years of experience in teaching programming language, Database management, SQL, Big Data, Compiler. He has done Masters in Computer Science and has completed Advance Java Certification from Sun Microsystems. He has deep interest in the field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Prof. Aishwarya Shinde


Exam Coordinator, Social Media Coordinator

Prof. Aishwarya Shinde has around 17 years of experience in the teaching field. She has done M.C.A [Masters in Computer Applications]. She has expertise in programming languages like C, C++, Java, Web Designing, Databases, Data Structures. Demonstrate the programming concepts and logic with day-to-day life examples.

Prof. Vivekanand Upadhyay


Library Management

Prof. Vivekanand Upadhyay has around seven years of experience in the education field.
He has done his master's in mathematics.
His skill demonstrates excellent maths skills,
analytical thinking, instruction abilities,
proper communication and computer

Prof. Vibha Kaushik

(Part-Time Faculty)

Prof. Vibha Kaushik has around 8.5 years of teaching experience. Worked as an Assistant Professor for the MCA/BCA department in Bangalore. She has published paper in 1 International Journals. Areas of Interest are Java, Python, Machine Learning, and Cloud Computing.